Patient Curtain Dignity Pegs

Why Patient Dignity Curtain Pegs?

Patient Dignity Curtain Pegs

New for 2020 - White Pegs with RED ENGAGED to BOTH SIDES - designed to stand out even more than our original Red Curtain Pegs. Manufactured from high quality materials these pegs will provide an extra-long service life.
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Royal College of Nursing

Initially, the team approached the infection control team to ensure
that the pegs could be cleaned adequately between patients to
ensure there was no risk of cross infection. Next, to test the effectiveness of the solution in practice, the team approached key stakeholders to gain agreement to implement a localised trial of the proposed process. Following the successful completion and assessment of the trial, and following consultation on the outcomes with key stakeholders, the new procedure – a red peg indicates a ‘locked door’ – was implemented

Journal Healthcare Assistants

Dignity is critical to good healthcare, and the need to enhance dignity has become a contemporary concern.
Red pegs on bed curtains have been used to remind staff, other than those attending care, not to interrupt. This method has had a positive effect on patient dignity. There
has been local and hospital media interest in the practice and it is considered a success at ward and trust level. It is recommended that red pegs be available on all hospital
wards to enforce the ‘no interruptions’ policy, in a nonthreatening way.             BJHCA

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